About Cimplicity

About Cimplicity

Let me tell you a story…

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away…….yep we all know how that turned out.

This Nerf herder met his Princess and she gave his life direction.

It may not have been a galaxy far away, but moving from the U.K to the Dolphin Coast in KwaZulu Natal was certainly far enough.

Ok….I hear you…enough of the Star Wars related geekery…

I graduated from the University of Creative Arts in Kent, UK, where I studied as a Silversmith. This taught me important concepts about design. I left university and worked in retail for a while, learning about customer service. Being young, I changed my mind somewhat and decided to study IT development and then worked within the IT field until I left the UK for sunny South Africa. It was when in South Africa that I started to explore my love of design and incorporate it into IT, hence the creation of Cimplicity.



The quality or condition of being able to make the web design process uncomplicated…
Synonyms: unpretentiousness, clarity, clearness, coherence

We are a husband and wife team that believes:
• Good design should be available to all.
• Every business is unique; their website should be too.
• Customer service is not an afterthought.